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The Angel Food Ministries Grocery Program


Click below to see how you, and your family, can take advantage of this terrific opportunity.
This is a typical "regular". This is the contents of the box I bought this month. Like always there are a few things that we may not normally use. We can share this food with our neighbors and still have a good bargain.

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Norwood UMC is thrilled to be offering this very special opportunity to our community.

We are now offering easy online ordering. You can use a credit or debit card to make your secure purchases. Simply go to the Norwood UMC page of the Angel Food Ministries website to make your order and pick it up at the church. The Angel Food program began in Monroe, Georgia. It started with 34 families in 1994. This nurturing ministry has now grown to serving around a quarter of a million regular boxes every month in 32 states.

Because of this volume buyers for the program are able to negotiate good deals with their suppliers.

This is a very good reason for everyone to take advantage of this opportunity. Sure, these are very good prices, but, it is not charity. You pay for what you get. Angel Food is a non-profit enterprise. Very many, very dedicated people work very hard all month to make this program possible.

Our church has a team of very dedicated volunteers. An elaborate, highly organized network of helpers across the country bring Angel Food here. And, it can be brought to your home at a fraction of the cost you would pay at the grocery store. Norwood also has a "Food Pantry". We give out bags of non perishable foods and other necessities. We are not going to abandon this program. It will be available to emergency recipients throughout the month.

Angel Food is different. With Angel Food everyone pays their own way, equally. Everyone that comes on distribution day is in the same boat. They all want a good deal on good food.

Angel Food is all top quality food. No seconds. No dented cans. Nothing out of date. With the buying power of thousands of families behind them Angel Food can buy food on the same footing the grocery stores can.

Please view our current menu

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For more information please visit the Angel Food Ministries website.