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A History of Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church

Mount Vernon Church was built in the year 1906 on land donated by Rufus Bays.  Trees were dragged out of Clinch Mountain to Bill Vermillion’s to be sawn into lumber.

There is not a family in Maces Springs (a section of Hiltons, Virginia) who didn’t help in some way with the building of the Church.

A few of the older generations were:  Squire Delany; John Neal; Rufus Bays; Mollie and Robert Carter;  Charlie, Will, Flanders and Flint Bays; Crockett Vicars; Charlie Vermillion; Ike Dennison; John Moore, Ingle Barker, the Harper's; the Hensley's; the Hilton's; the Shaffer's, and many others.  The women cooked and even children did their part.

The first service in the church was the third Sunday in October 1906. 

The first pastor was Baker Leonard. 

The first church member was Zura Vicars.  She was blind and had to be led in and out of the church.  She came in shouting and left the same way.  She loved the Lord!

The first burial was for Freddie Fugate.

Five generations of Carters have attended this beautiful sacred spot.  They came to be saved, join the church, marry, or have their babies christened and last of all to be buried.  This quiet peaceful spot nestled among the tall pines on a lonesome hill.

The church has touched the lives of all who have ever lived here in Poor Valley.  Even strangers who visit A.P. Carter’s grave are touched by its beauty.  It is a cornerstone of the valley.  It is a place to go to worship, pray and have fellowship with your neighbors on Sundays.


Come join us in our worship services and feel the history and love in our church.