Meet the Pastor

Jerry Page is the pastor at Middle Creek. 

Jerry is a graduate of the University Tennessee, Southwestern Seminary, and Asbury Seminary.  He and his wife Ruth Ann have been at the church since June 2002.  Jerry and Ruth Ann are former missionaries in West Africa, and Jerry is still actively involved in a Bible translation project there.

Pastor: Rev. Jerry Page,  865-981-4987, 

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Jerry and Manika Friends

Jerry and Manika Friends

Jerry and Ruth Ann


Jerry is working with a Bible translation project for the Manika people. 

Please pray for continues success in this endeavor with the Manika people. 



Middle Creek

United Methodist Church



Dear friends,

SIM has made our Maninka Bible translation

project the featured project For the next couple weeks on their Web page. If you'd like to see the write-up, go to and look under the Projects" heading where you'll find a link to the write-up.


Jerry Page