Middle Creek

United Methodist Church


Special May Missions Offerings


   It is almost time for the 2007 Holston Annual Conference.  The 2007 Conference Mission Offering is "Helping Hands for Brazil", and the 2007 Hands-On Mission Project is TEACHER KITS “Elementary School “ for LIBERIA.

 Additional information is available on the Holston Conference internet site.

Middle Creek UMC will use the May Special Missions Offerings to meet our Conference objectives for the 2007 projects. On May 6th the special offering will be in support of "Helping Hands for Brazil".   On May 13th the special offering will be in support of "Teacher Kits (Elementary) for LIBERA".   On May 20th & 27th you may turn in your special offering to support either of these projects. On these dates please mark your offering envelope with which project you wish to support. If you are not able to attend church these dates and would like to contribute to these special offering please send your contribution to Middle Creek United Methodist Church, 1828 Middle Creek Road, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863.


May God bless you for supporting

these special works.


2007 Holston Annual Conference Hands-On Mission Project ---


These kits will contain classroom supplies for use in the schools. Collected funds will be used to buy the appropriate item to fit the shipping requirements using the churches tax free certificate.

Individuals may purchase complete kits, just turn them in to the church no later than June 3rd.

The components of the kit are:

3 Spiral Notebooks (70 count)                            2-12 Pack of pens (Blue or Black)

2 Boxes of Crayons (24 Count)                          2-12 Pack of Pencils

1 Coloring Book                                                       1 Small Dictionary (new or used)

1 Small Poncho (Wal-mart $3.44)                      1 12” Ruler

1 Small Bible (Used is Okay)


Special Instructions: Pack all items in a 2 Gallon Zip-lock bag or other secure plastic bag. Kits are to be dropped off at Fairview UMC on Wednesday, June 6th, 2007.  Churches will need to provide one check containing $5.00 in shipping charges for each kit. 



Missions Offering for Brazil:     Give generously on May 6, 2007

The Holston Conference has a strong tradition of reaching beyond our boundaries and aiding God’s work in other places. Over the years, Holston churches have given enormous offerings to missions in Estonia, Latvia, Kenya, Liberia, Zimbabwe, India, and in the U.S.’s own Alaska.

This year, Holston Conference has a goal of giving $100,000 to help spread the Good News to the people of Brazil. Our church will join with 911 other churches for a special offering on May 6. Please be prepared to give generously For more information, visit www.missions.holston.org.

This year, Holston's gifts will support a United Methodist conference that has experienced 200 percent growth in the last 15 years and aims to reach many more. "We have a dream - God put this dream in our heart - to get one million people to Christ through the ministry of the Methodist Church in the next eight years," said Bishop Paulo Lockmann of the Rio Conference.
According to the Rev. Randy Frye, the offering will support two ministries that have been critical in the Rio Conference's growth: Evangemed and the School of Missions.

"Utilizing a mobile van equipped with state-of-the-art medical and dental equipment, Evangemed has brought healing, hope, and salvation in the name of Christ to the poorest of the poor in Rio and the northeast area of Brazil," Frye says in an informational videotape and DVD prepared for Holston churches.

The Evangemed trailer spends 30 days at Methodist churches, providing free health and dental services. Each evening, worship services are held and people are invited to "experience wholeness in the name of Jesus," Frye said.

At the School of Missions, a two-year program allows pastors to study one weekend each month with instruction in missions, evangelism, worship, prayer ministries, and leadership. Courses are offered each January and July for laypersons to spend 10 days in study and 10 days working in missions, Frye said.

"Many Brazilian young people receive the calling from God ... but they can't afford to come here and prepare to be a missionary", said the Rev. Carlos Tavares, former School of Missions director. "I believe this offering will be very, very important for our scholarship fund."